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The FMCG Industry

FMCG industry, alternatively called as CPG (Consumer packaged goods) industry primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumer packaged goods. As the industry deals with lower value and much higher volumes, that brings several challenges in management.

Our technology solutions are carefully crafted to precisely match the requirements of the FMCG Industry from Marketing and Promotions to Sales to Procurement to Optimum Inventory Management to Financial Management to each part of the job that needs to be attended to.

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A Complete Suite of Applications for the Spices, Food and FMCG Manufacturers 

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Manufacturing Reinvented

A modern solution to an Old Problem. Create Bill Of Materials, Production Planning, Optimum Inventory, Barcode Based, Complete Traceability from Procurement to Returned Goods, Batch Recalling. Plan your production based on Seasons & Past Sales.

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Quality Control

Quality Control in the FMCG Industry is way different than that in any other industry. Food Items' quality control is governed by sereral different standards. With our QC Module you can manage quality of your products right from procurement to every stage of production and through the delivery of goods.

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Easy Delivery

Make smart deliveries. Plan your deliveries based on locations of distributor or C&F agencies. Get smart directives for goods loading. Manage your e-Way Bills and GST Invoices. Track your deliveries through online acknowledgements of your recipients.

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Marketing & Field Sales

Manage your primary & secondary sales. Track sales against eriodic targets. Use our Mobility Solutions to capture your secondary sales. Our Manager's App could empower your sales managers to be on top of the figures and thereby be able to achieve the last Point of Sales Targets.

Manage your varied and weird promotional offers easily and ensure the benefits passed on to Points of Sale and to consumers.

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Automate Purchases Workflow

Plan your purchases of seasonal raw materials or other items. Manage procurements of products and services through well managed purchase workflows or even through Purchase Tenders.

Keep track of your payments based on agreed terms & conditions with vendors. Manage vendor pricelists.

Be in complete control of TDS, GST and RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism) on GST.

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Maximize Warehouse Efficiency

Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system. Less stock, no stockouts with fully automated replenishment. Experience total stock traceability using lot numbers or serial numbers and barcodes. Track every stock move through multiple warehouses and managed inventory routes.

Get the valuation of your stock based on FIFO, LIFO or Weighted Average computations.

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Beautiful Accounting Software

Get your accounting journals effortlessly with automated postings from all the transactions as they occur. Enjoy the ease of traditional accounting software. But get the robust transaction control and workflow restrictions of a true ERP system. Manage full-stack multi-company and multi-currency accounting.

Manage your taxes such as GST, GST-RCM, TDS & TCS just at fingertips.

Manage your payments easily through bank & other payment acquirers. Reconcile transactions with bank.

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Export Business

Manage your export business effortlessly. Convert the challenge of complex documentation and an array of expenses associated with export transactions into an enjoyable and manageable ones.

Create a calendar of export business tasks and allocate to different staff members to make the best out of their available time.

Track your consignments through the acknowledgement from the recipients. Track your payments against the agreed terms & conditions with customers.

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Human Resource Management

A full-stack HR Management achieved through our set of modules. Manage your employees by departments and designations, employee information, leaves management, attendance monitoring, performance management, management actions and legal proceedings. Manage employee expenses, Recruitments, Separations, Internal and Inter-location Transfers, Multi-company and Multi-Location Employee Management.

Generate payroll in the format as applicable to your company and country.